HeiGIT/GIScience @ISCRAM 2018 Rochester- Exchange of latest crisis management practice and innovative ideas near a natural wonder of the world

Rochester NY, a small city located at Lake Ontario, became a gathering place for the international ISCRAM community last week. Researchers and practitioners from over 20 countries presented their latest work, ideas and needs related to crisis management at the 15th ISCRAM conference.

Crisis and humanitarian management being one of the main focuses of the HeiGIT/ GIScience Research Group, Melanie Eckle presented our work to the ISCRAM community focusing on the Ohsome framwork and its potential and applications for crisis management.

Furthermore, Melanie was chair of the “Geospatial technologies for Crisis Management” track that was revived by Prof. Alexander Zipf, Prof. João Porto de Albuquerque and Dr. Flávio Horita again this year.

We thank all participants for great exchange and discussions, and the local team for organizing a very successful ISCRAM conference- including an exceptional finale at the Niagara Falls.

We are looking forward to keeping these great conversations going and can´t wait to see you all again in Valancia for ISCRAM 2019!

Auer, M.; Eckle, M.; Fendrich, S.; Griesbaum, L.; Kowatsch, F.; Marx, S.; Raifer, M.; Schott, M.; Troilo, R.; Zipf, A. (2018): Towards Using the Potential of OpenStreetMap History for Disaster Activation Monitoring. ISCRAM 2018. Rochester. NY. US.