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  • How to become ohsome part 15- Analysing Changes in OSM after the Earthquake in Syria and Türkiye in February 2023

    How to become ohsome part 15- Analysing Changes in OSM after the Earthquake in Syria and Türkiye in February 2023

    Featured Map: Percent change in each province of Türkiye  and Syria of buildings in OSM. Data from OpenStreetMap, visualized using QGIS and the ohsome API plugin. Welcome back to the how to become ohsome series! If you’re new to the series, you can check out the previous issues (like this one) or the ohsome Region of […]

  • Neu: Globale OSM History Analysen mit ohsomeHeX v1.0

    Erhalten Sie mit ohsomeHeX wertvolle Einblicke in die Qualität und den Entwicklungsprozess von OpenStreetMap-Daten! (see for english version here) Das HeiGIT Big Data Team freut sich zur Exploration der Veränderungen der globalen Daten in OpenStreetMap nun eine Version 1.0 von ohsomeHeX , dem OSM History eXplorer zu veröffentlichen, die eine komplett überarbeitete Benutzeroberfläche bietet. Diese macht es einfacher […]

  • Explore the ohsome OSM History of whole Germany

    Our new ohsome dashboard is another preview on what is and will be possible with our ohsome OpenStreetMap history analytics platform. Behind the scenes, we added support for the Apache Ignite big data framework and deployed an instance using the full OSM history data of whole Germany on Heidelberg University’s cloud computing infrastructure heiCLOUD. Apache Ignite is an open-source […]

  • Meet us at State of the Map 2018 Milan: Ohsome talks and workshop ahead!

    In a few days – THIS Saturday July, 29. – the State of the Map 2018 Conference in Milan will opening its doors with many interesting talks and workshops related to OpenStreetMap. HeiGIT and the GIScience Research Group at Heidelberg University will be there with several persons and give the following presentations and even a […]

  • HeiGIT/GIScience @ISCRAM 2018 Rochester- Exchange of latest crisis management practice and innovative ideas near a natural wonder of the world

    Rochester NY, a small city located at Lake Ontario, became a gathering place for the international ISCRAM community last week. Researchers and practitioners from over 20 countries presented their latest work, ideas and needs related to crisis management at the 15th ISCRAM conference. Crisis and humanitarian management being one of the main focuses of the […]

  • Ohsome Nepal Dashboard supports admin boundary selection

    The Ohsome Nepal Dashboard has new features to enhance its usability and functionality. The user can now easily select administrative areas of interest through a new map interface. Different administrative levels can be selected by zooming in and out and afterwards just clicking or tapping on that specific region. This convenience feature makes it much faster […]