Missing Maps Gathering, FOSS4G and HOT Summit 2018 in Dar es Salaam

As previously announced, Sabrina Marx and Melanie Eckle recently visited Dar es Salaam to attend the Missing Maps Members Gathering and to join the FOSS4G and HOT Summit community for their joint annual gatherings.

The Missing Maps Members Gathering was the first side event of the conference week. Likewise to previous years, the Missing Maps members made use of the face-to-face time to discuss last year´s activities and future plans. Please stay tuned for the full overview that will be published soon in collaboration with the other attending Missing Maps members.

The main focus of the then following FOSS4G and HOT Summit was as usual on open and open-source geo data and applications, however this year also with special regard to approaches to make sure “To leave no one behind”.

In this vein, Sabrina and Melanie presented the openrouteservice, openrouteservice for disaster management and the ohsome platform. In the presentations, they showed how the communities can make use of the services for their own use cases, asked for feedback and invited the community to support with further developments.

We sincerely thank the organizing team for this great event and inclusive conference approach that we will make sure to follow in our state State of the Map conference 2019 in Heidelberg as well. We furthermore thank the communities for the great discussions and feedback and look forward to taking our projects further with you soon.

Missing Maps Gathering, pic by Humanitarian OSM Team