AGIT30 was ohsome (and awesome)

Members of the HeiGIT team were presenting parts of our work at this years AGIT/GI_Forum conference in Salzburg, Austria (as already announced in a previous blogpost).

Julian Bruns was presenting the results of a joint work with the KIT and his old employer, the FZI, which is published in the GI-Forum journal (English conference running in parallel to the AGIT), as well as the rich diversity of our routing software openrouteservice.

Fabian Kowatsch was giving a talk about the ohsome platform explaining the current status-quo of the development, which was published as a short-paper in the German language AGIT-journal.

Additionally to the talks, a poster of the GIScience group and a poster of the HeiGIT were presented in the poster session:


Global Climate Protection Map

The discussions and the interest at the conference showed that our developments are useful for and acknowledged by the GI-community, researchers and users alike.



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