Workshop bridging OSM community and Wheelchair Users

Our EU project CAP4Access (MyAccessible.EU) has organized a first international expert workshop during the 5th International Congress on “Tourism for All” in Madrid on 23 September, 2015.

The 5th International Congress on Tourism for All has been held in Madrid from September 23 to 25. The first CAP4Access international expert workshop was organized during this important event for the accessibility community in Europe and beyond. The workshop presented the key achievements of the project and discussed them with representatives of the stakeholder groups that are of major importance to CAP4Access. The workshop contributed to an exchange and deeper understanding between two major groups of stakeholders: technology developers and providers of data infrastructure (including the OSM community) on the one hand, and end-users of information on accessibility of the built environment, such as wheelchair users and other people with limited mobility on the other hand. You can find the workshop agenda here.

The GIScience Research Group Heidelberg participates in developing several tools in the project:

Collective tagging: Tools for tagging (human-as-sensor principle), annotating and facilitating the discussion of locations/places and routes/streets within the built environment according to their accessibility/suitability for individuals with limited mobility. Develop a tagging management system to support the collection of user-generated data.
Quality assessment of crowd-sourced data: Develop a data quality assessment and management approach.
Routing and navigation: Develop and implement a data and model for cityscape navigation for persons with limited mobility based on
Tools targeting local initiatives for supporting awareness raising and collective action: Enabling local activities for creating awareness and initiating concrete measures for eliminating barriers for people with limited mobility.