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  • Successful PhD Defense by Amin Mobasheri on OSM quality enrichment for wheelchair routing

    Last Friday Amin Mobasheri of the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg University successfully defended his PhD in Geoinformatics. Due to the Corona pandemy the defense was conducted in hybrid mode with the committee members participating virtually and only Prof. Zipf and Amin being physically in the room. What a shame there was no joint celebration possible […]

  • Optimal ans Ziel: Routing-Dienste auf Basis nutzergenerierter Geodaten

    Ein neues Buch gibt in einem Buchkapitel einen Überblick der vielfältigen Aktivitäten von HeiGIT und GIScience im Bereich Routenplanung und Navigation. Neben Grundlagen (wie schnelle Routing-Algorithmen) zur Umsetzung werden vor allem diverse Anwendungsbeispiele für flexible Routing-Dienste in Spezialanwendungen vorgestellt. Hierzu zählen z.B. zeit-abhängige Routenplanung unter Nutzung relevanter Information aus OpenStreetMap, Routing-Anwendungen im Katastrophenmanagement und humanitären […]

  • How much do you know about Wheelmap?

    Within the European FP7 project “CAP4Access“, we studied the usage of crowdsourced geographic information (and more specifically OpenStreetMap data) for improving accessibility in selected European regions. This 3 year research study led to several implementations and extensions of Open Source GI solutions with respect to OSM data quality assessment as well as wheelchair routing and […]

  • FOSS4G-Europe: Presentation about supporting personalised pedestrian and wheelchair navigation based on open source and open data in Openrouteservice

    FOSS4G Europe as the European community event on free and open source gis is taking place this week July 16 to 20th, 2018 in Guimarães Portugal. A. Zipf is giving a talk about supporting personalised pedestrian routing options (like healthy and quiet routing) as well as wheelchair routing and navigation based on open source and open […]

  • Routing for Accessibility – new Project with City of Heidelberg

    Accessibility is a widely discussed topic and there are a growing number of efforts to sensitise European cities and municipalities to the topic. A focus of such efforts is the facilitation of easy access to public places for everyone, including those with walking disabilities, balance and visual disorders, as well as people requiring the use […]

  • Barrierefreier Routenplaner: neue Daten für Rollstuhlrouting in Heidelberg

    Wie komme ich als Rollstuhlfahrer am besten vom Marktplatz zur Stadthalle? Und welche Wege ohne Hindernisse bieten sich für Eltern mit Kinderwagen durch die Altstadt an? Ein neuer Routenplaner auf Basis von openrouteservice.org soll künftig barrierefreie Wege in Heidelberg aufzeigen, zunächst in der Altstadt und in Bergheim. Seit Dezember 2017 arbeitet die Stadt Heidelberg in Kooperation […]

  • Are Crowdsourced Datasets Suitable for Specialized Routing Services? Case Study of OpenStreetMap for Routing of People with Limited Mobility

    Using data generated from the crowd has become a hot topic for several application domains including transportation. However, there are concerns regarding the quality of such datasets. As one of the most important crowdsourced mapping platforms, in a recent study (1) we analyze the fitness for use of OpenStreetMap (OSM) database for routing and navigation […]

  • “Exploitation Strategy” seminar for CAP4Access project

    Last week on Monday 12th, we organized a workshop for the CAP4Access project that aimed to discuss ideas and methods on how the developed tools and services within the project would be exploited especially after the project has came to an end. Dr. Emmanuel Sofianopoulos was the expert for the workshop appointed by the European Commission. The […]

  • European COST action IC1203 reports about our work in CAP4Access project

    COST action IC1203 is a European Network Exploring Research into Geospatial Information Crowdsourcing: software and methodologies for harnessing geographic information from the crowd (ENERGIC). The action has been greatly active in the past 3 years and is now delivering the results via their website as well as their Youtube channel. One of the outputs of this […]

  • Report on the 7th PCC meeting and 2nd Expert Workshop for CAP4Access project

    The 7th PCC meeting for CAP4Access project took place on September 8th in Bonn. The meeting was focused on presentations and discussions regarding the works that have been progressed since the last meeting and more importantly, clarifying and planning on what remains to be done for the final deliverables by end of the year. From GIScience […]

  • Revised set of tools published – CAP4Access e-Newsletter No. 4, May 2016

    CAP4Access e-Newsletter No. 4, May 2016 Revised set of tools published Dear Readers, The project has entered its third and final year at the start of 2016. After a successful project review in mid-February, the revised set of tools has now been made public. All CAP4Access tools deal with accessibility of the built environment and […]

  • CAP4Access team active on the European protest day for the equal rights for people with disabilities

    May 5th is the European protest day for equal rights of people with disabilities. In this scope the Heidelberg advisory board of people with disabilities organised an event at the Theaterplatz Heidelberg to raise awareness regarding the needs of disabled people. As in the previous year the CAP4access team from GIScience group of Heidelberg university […]