GIScience @AGIT/GI Forum conference 2015

Last week members of the GIScience Research Group were attending the AGIT – Symposium and Exhibit for applied Geoinformatics in Salzburg. Beside the interesting welcome note given by Manfred Hauswirth from TU Berlin talking about the impact of Linked Data, the Internet of Things, and Clouds for Geospatial Information Systems, further keynotes and conference talks followed, covering various topics of GIScience.

AGIT Opening Keynote

During the AGIT conference Helen Dorn presented results from the PsychoGeography Project, in particular the “Incorporation of Land Use in a Spatial Trigger for Ecological Momentary Assessments”. In the frame of the AGIT OSM Special Forum, Stefan Hahmann gave a talk regarding current challenges of integrating a wheelchair routing graph within the Cap4Access Project. Furthermore he presented two posters at the GI_Fourm poster session (“Towards deriving incline values for street networks from voluntarily collected GPS data” and “Integrating options for wheelchair users into an open route planning service: state-of-the-art and open challenges“). Clemens Jacobs presented methods to ensure the quality of citizen science biodiversity data. Enrico Steiger was talking about the MDM OSM TMC LCL Project with the main project goal to enrich OSM road networks with official TMC LCL information.  Furthermore he presented his past research of Uncovering Latent mobility pattern from Twitter during mass events during the “Technical and Human Sensors” session of the AGIT GI FORUM research track.

Further Impressions



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