• Einführung in OpenStreetMap und humanitäres Mapping bei der AGIT 2020

    HeiGIT unterstützt Workshops zu OpenStreetMap und humanitärem Mapping auf der AGIT 2020 In dieser Woche findet die jährliche AGIT-Konferenz und das parallele GI Forum statt. Während die Konferenz bereits seit mehr als 30 Jahren erfolgreich Vertreter aus Wissenschaft, angewandter Forschung und Wirtschaft nach Salzburg brachte, musste aufgrund der Corona Situation zum ersten Mal auf eine […]

  • AGEO Award 2019 at AGIT in Salzburg: Third place for Lukas Winiwarter

    3DGeo group member Lukas Winiwarter was awarded the third place of this year’s AGEO award at the AGIT2019 in Salzburg for his diploma thesis on “Classification of 3D Point Clouds using Deep Neural Networks”. It was carried out at TU Wien under the supervision of Dr. Gottfried Mandlburger and Prof. Dr. Norbert Pfeifer, and has […]

  • HeiGIT at AGIT conference 2019 in Salzburg- The spatial view

    This week, the annual AGIT conference is again organised in Salzburg. The conference has since more than 30 years successfully gathered representatives of academia, applied research and economy to present latest projects, to share ideas and to develop new approaches. GIScience Heidelberg was and is contributing in this context regularly for years. As HeiGIT is […]

  • GIScience @AGIT/GI Forum conference 2015

    Last week members of the GIScience Research Group were attending the AGIT – Symposium and Exhibit for applied Geoinformatics in Salzburg. Beside the interesting welcome note given by Manfred Hauswirth from TU Berlin talking about the impact of Linked Data, the Internet of Things, and Clouds for Geospatial Information Systems, further keynotes and conference talks […]