Impressions from Friday’s Mapping Brunch

Our second Map-a-thon in support of the HOT activation for the Philippines was held on Friday. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, ~30 mappers attended the event. The department provided ample amounts of food and refreshments, many thanks to Svend and the Fachschaft for organizing/providing the cutlery, cooking plate and other equipment. A general introduction on crisis mapping was given by Joao and an OSM intro based on Pascal’s slides & experience was given by me.

The recent article in the print and online version of weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” (which in turn was inspired by the preceding RNZ-article) motivated a local radio (SWR3) reporter to join and talk to us, you can re-listen to the small report here: localradiomapbrunch

In the name of all who have been active in organizing the Map-a-thons our thanks go to all the motivated volunteer mappers who made these efforts worthwhile and rewarding experiences on their own. Also many thanks to those who tidied up afterwards.

As mentioned on Friday, the OSM, HOT and Philippines OSM communities explicitly extend their thanks to all students and participants at the U of Heidelberg!



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