GIScience / HeiGIT at ICT for Development, Kampala – Usage and Analyses of OpenStreetMap for Development

The 11th Information Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) Conference brings together hundreds of public, private and civil society organizations, eager to share practical insights on applying digital technology to development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges. Participants share how they are using innovations in information and communications technology to increase impact in addressing humanitarian and development challenges. Als our partners from HOTOSM will contribute in several sessions. This years conference takes place in Kampala Uganda from April 30th to May 03.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf (GIScience Heidelberg / HeiGIT) will talk in a 40min session about the Usage and Analyses of OpenStreetMap for Development:
User generated content has become an important data source for ICT4D. We will focus on geographic information as this is of high relevance for urban and regional planning, measuring the SDGs, environmental protection and land resources, as well as humanitarian aid and disaster response OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a particularly successful global project which is adding all kinds of spatial data to an open database that can be used for multiple purposes and help foster development through ICT. Due to the volunteer contributions on these types of platforms, it is critical to review the quality of data generated. This presentation will focus on the opportunities and challenges posted by these types of platforms and offer ideas on how the international development community can contribute.