Humanitarian Mapathon for Mozambique and Venezuela during European Night of Geography

Current community efforts for Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and the Refugee Response in Venezuela again show the need and impact of humanitarian mapping.

Already before the start of the semester, on April 5th, disastermappers heidelberg will organize a Mapathon to support these efforts – this time in scope of the european Night of Geography!

The event was first introduced in 2017 by the French National Geographical Committee and then, due to the great success, scaled up to the whole of Europe in 2018. The main aim of the Night of Geography is

to put forward geography and geographers, give the greater public a chance to know them better, make geographical research more accessible.” (

In line with this and in collaboration with CartONG and PoliMappers Milan, and other organizations and communities all around Europe, we will therefore open our doors and get together to support the latests mapping projects.

When? Friday, April 5th, 6 pm

Where? Geographisches Institut, Berliner Straße 48

Everyone is welcome and no previous knowledge necessary as we will as usual provide an introduction to OpenStreetMap mapping.

We also reserved the PC Pools, however due to limited availability, please bring your own laptop and mouse if available.

Snacks and drinks will for sure be provided 😉

We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday,

your disastermappers

See also the openrouteservice for Disaster Management: Response to Cyclone Idai by HeiGIT.