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  • Diskussionsrunde zum Thema «Humanitäre Kartographie» bei den Mannheimer einander.Aktionstagen 2021

    Im Rahmen der  Aktionstage 2021 des Mannheimer Bündnis, bietet Mannheimer Mapathons e.V. eine offene Diskussionsrunde zum Thema «Humanitäre Kartographie» an. Auf dem Podium: Melanie Eckle-Elze, Benjamin Herfort (Disastermappers-HD) und Sandra Sudhoff (CartONG-France). Anschließend wird es für alle Teilnehmer*innen eine Gelegenheit geben, an einer «Probefahrt» zur Kartierung auf OpenStreetMap im PC-Raum teilzunehmen. Die Veranstaltung (live) findet […]

  • World Refugee Day: Mapathon by CartONG

    Whether you are a beginner or an advanced mapper, or just curious to learn more about why mapping is so important for humanitarian work, join us on 21 June. Support the mapping of refugee locations on World Refugee Day. It was initiated by the United Nations and takes place every year on 20 June. Its […]

  • Third International Mapathon on Mon 17.05.2021 by disastermappers heidelberg, MAMAPA, CartONG, HuMap and OSM Ghana

    Dear mappers, on Monday 17.5.2021, 18.00pm a third international mapathon together with disastermappers heidelberg, MAMAPA, CartONG, HuMap and OSM Ghana will take place, which will give you some insights in mapping for humanitarian purposes from the perspective of different organizations and people around the world! For beginners we will offer a mapping introduction as usual, […]

  • Disastermappers Heidelberg International Mapathon on December 8th

    On December 8th at 6.30 pm the next international mapathon organized by the disastermappers heidelberg takes place! This time we map together with MAMAPA, an integration project for migrants and refugees from Mannheim, CartONG, LECLARA Larabanga and OSM Ghana. We will map HOT-Tasks 8839 and 9928, the former including the city of Wa in northwestern […]

  • Humanitarian Mapathon for Mozambique and Venezuela during European Night of Geography

    Current community efforts for Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and the Refugee Response in Venezuela again show the need and impact of humanitarian mapping. Already before the start of the semester, on April 5th, disastermappers heidelberg will organize a Mapathon to support these efforts – this time in scope of the european Night of Geography! The […]

  • Addressing the challenge of localizing SDGs with openrouteservice

    Where is the next health center? What areas show less accessibility to health centers and are therefore the most vulnerable? In 2018, the openrouteservice team already illustrated how these questions related to vulnerability can be addressed with openrouteservice APIs, at that time for disaster prone regions in Madagascar. Learn more here. Also at that time […]

  • HeiGIT/GIScience and disastermappers at GeOnG 2018

    Over the next couple of days, CartONG are again organizing the biannual GeOnG conference– a great occasion for humanitarian actors, volunteer communities and humanitarian and GIS service providers to mingle and exchange current ideas, challenges and lessons learned. This year the main theme is ““Perfection” versus “Good Enough” in Information Management: Adjusting to context, scale, […]

  • disastermappers heidelberg/GIScience support for MAnnheimer MAPAthons (MAMAPA)- Integration and humanitarian contribution

    The first mapathon in the MAMAPA framework was held on January 23, 2018 at the Abendakademie in the city center of Mannheim. Project organizer Robert Danziger, Board member at CartONG and member of the disastermappers heidelberg, presented the project in several different locations in Mannheim in the weeks leading to the event. Immigrant language and […]

  • OSM GeoWeek contributions from Heidelberg to support climate change preparedness programs

    In the context of the international OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week,  last Thursay, 17th November 2016, another mapping event was organized at the Geographical Institute of Heidelberg University. Sava, a region in the north of Madagascar, was herein mapped in cooperation with Missing Maps and the French NGO CartONG. Madagascar is as one of the poorest […]