Call for State of the Map 2019 academic track is open

The call for State of the Map 2019 (SOTM) academic track is now open until: 10th May 2019.

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Please read the submission guidelines and submit your presentation proposal before May 10 to the submission form.

This year’s State of the Map conference in Heidelberg will again feature a full day Academic Track session. Following on from the great success of the inaugural Academic Track session at SotM 2018, this session will showcase both the ongoing innovation and maturity of scientific investigations and research into OpenStreetMap. Building upon the motto of SotM 2019 in “Bridging the Map” the Academic Track session will provide the bridge to join together the experience, understanding, ideas, concepts and skills from different groups of researchers, academics and scientists from around the world. In particular, the Academic Track session will provide a bridge to connect members of the OpenStreetMap community and the academic community by providing a open passage for exchange of ideas, communication and opportunities for increased collaboration. We expect empirical, methodological, conceptual, or literature-review-based contributions addressing any scientific aspect related to OpenStreetMap, in particular, but not limited, to the following:

  • OpenStreetMap extrinsic and intrinsic quality assessment
  • Analysis of contribution patterns in OpenStreetMap
  • Integration and/or conflation of OSM data to generate new and scientifically valuable datasets
  • Assessments of data import procedures and their impacts on data and community
  • Data interplay between OpenStreetMap and other data sources (authoritative or user-generated)
  • Analysis/comparison of available software for scientific purposes related to OSM
  • New approaches to facilitate or improve data collection in OpenStreetMap (e.g. through gamification or Citizen Science approaches)
  • Bridging the communities: creating better connections and collaborations between the scientific community and the OpenStreetMap community
  • Open research problems in OpenStreetMap and challenges for the scientific community
  • Cultural, political, and organizational aspects of data production and usage practices in OpenStreetMap

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