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  • GIScience and HeiGIT at SotM 2022

    We are happy to announce that, this year, GIScience and HeiGIT has had four contributions to the FOSS-Community “conferencathon” in Florence. As QGIS-Meeting, State of the Map, HOT unSummit and FOSS4G all took place consecutively, the schedule was shaping up to be extremely packed. We’d like to highlight some specific events and topics that you […]

  • GIScience Contributions to the 2019 State of the Map Academic Track proceedings

    Recently the SOTM 2019 Heidelberg Academic Track Proceedings have been published. GIScience Research Group Heidelberg and HeiGIT contributed several talks and posters. Below you can find an overview. Contact us if you are interested in further details on ongoing research. Klonner, Hartmann, Djami, Zipf, A. (2019). “Ohsome” OpenStreetMap Data Evaluation: Fitness of Field Papers for […]

  • State of the Map and HOT Summit in Heidelberg

    Over the last few days, Heidelberg has been host to the annual HOT Summit and State of the Map conference with a combined attendance of over 800 people. The HOT summit ran from the 19th-20th September and had over 200 attendees from more than 40 different countries. The SotM conference, running from the 21st to […]

  • OpenStreetMap, eine stille und nützliche digitale Revolution

    Über 500 Mitgestalter des ehrenamtlich erstellten Kartenwerks treffen 
sich in Heidelberg. Ihr Motto: „Freie Projekte benötigen freie Daten“ Verkehrsminister Winfried Hermann: „Nachhaltige Mobilität und frei verfügbare Daten passen sehr gut zusammen“ Ein besonderes Beispiel der digitalen Mitgestaltung ist die OpenStreetMap (abgekürzt: OSM). Am Wochenende ist Heidelberg das Zentrum der OSM-Community. Vom 21. bis zum 23. […]

  • Pressekonferenz: State of the Map, Heidelberg 21.09.2019

    Presseeinladung 18.09.2019 (PDF Link hier) Weltkonferenz für eine Freie Karte Die Macher von OpenStreetMap treffen sich in Heidelberg Universität Heidelberg und Verkehrsministerium Baden-Württemberg unterstützen Initiative Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, hochwertiges digitales Kartenmaterial muss nicht kommerziell sein. Seit mittlerweile 15 Jahren zeigen die die Macher der OpenStreetMap (OSM), dass eine weltweite Community in ehrenamtlicher Arbeit frei […]

  • Program of Academic Track for State of the Map 2019 Heidelberg is online

    Also the program of the “Academic Track” for ‘State of the Map‘ (SotM) as been released now. Early bird ticket prices are still available until 7th of July. See the website for all the details: 2019.stateofthemap.org Two contributions are by members of the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg: Analyzing the spatio-temporal patterns and impacts of large-scale data […]

  • Program for State of the Map (SotM 2019) Heidelberg has been released

    The program for ‘State of the Map‘ (SotM) as been released, and early bird ticket prices are still available until 7th of July. See the website for all the details 2019.stateofthemap.org #OpenStreetMap talks, workshops & discussions as mappers across the world come to #Heidelberg, #Germany from 21st to 23rd of September. Also do not forget […]

  • Call for State of the Map 2019 academic track is open

    The call for State of the Map 2019 (SOTM) academic track is now open until: 10th May 2019. Read more: https://2019.stateofthemap.org/calls/academic/ tl;dr Please read the submission guidelines and submit your presentation proposal before May 10 to the submission form. This year’s State of the Map conference in Heidelberg will again feature a full day Academic Track session. Following […]

  • Interested in sponsoring the State of the Map conference 2019?

    State of the Map 2019 conference will be held in Heidelberg, September 21-23 2019. Interested in sponsoring? Want to help build bridges through scholarships? Sponsorship packages are available at https://2019.stateofthemap.org/Sponsorship2019.pdf

  • Seasons greetings by GIScience Heidelberg

    The whole GIScience Heidelberg research group does wish to all of you happy and peaceful holidays and all the best for the new year! We are looking forward to working together and especially welcome you to Heidelberg in 2019 for the State of the Map conference and HOT Summit or any other opportunity. Let’s bridge […]

  • State of the Map 2019 is coming to Heidelberg

    Maps, maps, maps! After a great state of the map conference in Milan, the OpenStreetMap community can already get excited for the next global gathering in 2019: We are very honored to have been selected to welcome the global OSM community in Heidelberg in 2019! The good news have been shared during the closing ceremony […]

  • Meet us at State of the Map 2018 Milan: Ohsome talks and workshop ahead!

    In a few days – THIS Saturday July, 29. – the State of the Map 2018 Conference in Milan will opening its doors with many interesting talks and workshops related to OpenStreetMap. HeiGIT and the GIScience Research Group at Heidelberg University will be there with several persons and give the following presentations and even a […]