Social Innovation and GIScience

This week sees the International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC 2018) hosted at Heidelberg University.

ISIRC is the world’s leading  interdisciplinary social innovation research conference. The conference brings together scholars from across the globe to discuss social innovation in a variety of perspectives.

GIScience Heidelberg and will present their work related to social innovation such as supporting citizens science as well as crowdsourcing and usage of geoinformation for humanitarian aspects (disaster mapping, health and health care related issues etc.) and social inclusion of handicapped persons (e.g. wheelchair routing and navigation) or activating citizens knowledge for climate protection ( this Monday evening with a presentation and booth at the reception fair (Markt der Möglichkeiten) of ISIRC at Heidelberg University.

Visit the booth or feel free to contact us for further information or discussion on possible cooperation on topics about how to use (esp. user generated) geoinformation for social innovation!