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  • Successful PhD Defense by Amin Mobasheri on OSM quality enrichment for wheelchair routing

    Last Friday Amin Mobasheri of the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg University successfully defended his PhD in Geoinformatics. Due to the Corona pandemy the defense was conducted in hybrid mode with the committee members participating virtually and only Prof. Zipf and Amin being physically in the room. What a shame there was no joint celebration possible […]

  • How much do you know about Wheelmap?

    Within the European FP7 project “CAP4Access“, we studied the usage of crowdsourced geographic information (and more specifically OpenStreetMap data) for improving accessibility in selected European regions. This 3 year research study led to several implementations and extensions of Open Source GI solutions with respect to OSM data quality assessment as well as wheelchair routing and […]

  • GSIS Special Issue on Crowdsourcing for Urban Geoinformatics has been published

    GSIS Special Issue: Crowdsourcing for Urban Geoinformatics. Geo-Spatial Information Science (GSIS), Volume 23, Issue 3. Taylor & Francis. Guest Editors: Hongchao Fan, Rene Westerholt, João Porto de Albuquerque, Bernd Resch and Alexander Zipf TOC: Do people communicate about their whereabouts? Investigating the relation between user-generated text messages and Foursquare check-in places Ming Li, Rene Westerholt & Alexander […]

  • Freiwilligentag 2018 – Aufruf zur Teilnahme an der „Routenplaner-Erfassungsrallye“ der Stadt Heidelberg am 15.09.

    Wie komme ich als Rollstuhlfahrerin oder Rollstuhlfahrer am besten vom Bismarckplatz zum Rathaus? Welche Wege ohne Hindernisse können Eltern mit Kinderwagen nutzen? Helfen soll dabei ein neuer Routenplaner der Stadt Heidelberg. Der Routenplaner basiert auf dem OpenRouteService der Abteilung Geoinformatik der Universität Heidelberg und wurde in einem gemeinsamen vom Ministerium für Inneres, Digitalisierung und Migration Baden-Württemberg geförderten Projekt um […]

  • Social Innovation and GIScience

    This week sees the International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC 2018) hosted at Heidelberg University. ISIRC is the world’s leading  interdisciplinary social innovation research conference. The conference brings together scholars from across the globe to discuss social innovation in a variety of perspectives. GIScience Heidelberg and HeiGIT.org will present their work related to social innovation […]

  • Routing for Accessibility – new Project with City of Heidelberg

    Accessibility is a widely discussed topic and there are a growing number of efforts to sensitise European cities and municipalities to the topic. A focus of such efforts is the facilitation of easy access to public places for everyone, including those with walking disabilities, balance and visual disorders, as well as people requiring the use […]

  • Enrichment of OpenStreetMap Data Completeness with Sidewalk Geometries for Wheelchair Routing

    Tailored routing and navigation services utilized by wheelchair users (such as provided by OpenRouteService.org ) require certain information about sidewalk geometries and their attributes to execute efficiently. Except some minor regions/cities, such detailed information is often not sufficiently present in current versions of crowdsourced mapping databases including OpenStreetMap. In a recent study (1) we aim […]

  • Barrierefreier Routenplaner: neue Daten für Rollstuhlrouting in Heidelberg

    Wie komme ich als Rollstuhlfahrer am besten vom Marktplatz zur Stadthalle? Und welche Wege ohne Hindernisse bieten sich für Eltern mit Kinderwagen durch die Altstadt an? Ein neuer Routenplaner auf Basis von openrouteservice.org soll künftig barrierefreie Wege in Heidelberg aufzeigen, zunächst in der Altstadt und in Bergheim. Seit Dezember 2017 arbeitet die Stadt Heidelberg in Kooperation […]

  • Today OpenRouteService at 7th GeoIT WhereCamp Conference Berlin

    Today we present the latest version and details on the technical API of OpenRouteService at the 7th GeoIT WhereCamp Conference Berlin. Tim from the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) will talk about Consuming Open Data for Highly Customizable Route Planning He will show some examples of the very rich feature set and API of OpenRouteService […]

  • Interview on Crowdsourcing for Optimized Cycle Routes

    On the occasion of the international Bike2Work Day the radio Berlin Brandenburg (RBB) conducted a short interview with Prof. Alexander Zipf (GIScience HD/ HeiGIT). It was about current research and development work at the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg and HeiGIT, which involve the use of user-generated geodata for investigations between cycling behaviour and health, as well as […]

  • CAP4Access Comes to a Close

    On Tuesday 17th January, the CAP4Access/MyAccessible.EU came to a close after three years with the successful completion of the final European Commission review meeting in Brussels. Reviewers were highly pleased with the outcomes of the project, both on the technical and societal fronts. At GIScience in Heidelberg, through the EC FP7 project we have extended […]

  • Why is it routing this way?

    When using routing services that rely on OpenStreetMap data, the route engine might suggest you a path that seems to be longer than the shortest possible route you could identify on the map. The main reason behind this are either a lack of data completeness in OSM (for certain data attributes/ for certain regions) or […]