New Real-time OSM service provides custom up-to-date Extracts of OpenStreetMap Data

Disaster events damage human infrastructure and its surroundings within seconds. To support humanitarian logistics, the Disaster OpenRouteService needs the latest, most accurate data available. While crowd-sourcing OSM updates during disasters proved very successful, there is not yet a convenient way of automatically accessing up-to-date OSM data for specific regions of interest. Addressing this need, HeiGIT @ GIScience Heidelberg developed a server that provides up-to-date OSM extracts via a web interface that is easy to use.

real-time OSM manages the creation and execution of update tasks, each responsible for extracting, updating and serving OSM data of a user-defined region of the earth. Tasks can be added, modified and deleted easily via an API or a convenient web interface.

We are now working towards deploying this server as a web service hosted by HeiGIT. This will provide you with easy access to the most current data as needed by the disasterORS. Stay tuned for further improvements and updates!

The tool was developed by Stefan Eberlein. The work at HeiGIT is supported by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, Heidelberg.

For more information, visit the real-time OSM Github page.

ps. check also our Open Position: Software Developer: OSM Routing Services