HeiGIT goes CeBIT – Smart Geo Services for Smart Cities

Together with Heidelberg Mobil International (HDMI) our new Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) will be represented at the CeBIT in Hannover within the Smart City Forum this month from the 20-24th of March.

In this context we will be focusing on transportation and navigation as an example which must meet a wide range of requirements on behalf of both people and objects. In particular, we will demonstrate the potential of OpenStreetMap-Data for Smart City applications by presenting new and innovative features of OpenRouteService (ORS) with many specialised routing profiles like eBike-routing and further options.

To this end we have been working on an updated OpenRouteService API to provide a richer feature set and more performant computations to deliver faster results for your needs. For example the new Isochrones API is used to determine reachability from given locations. With this is mind we have extended the interface and introduced the possibility to use a set of locations to find intersections of overlapping regions of accessibility.

ORS isochrones
ORS isochrones

Furthermore we are going to showcase OpenRouteService.org developed for catastrophes. This service has the exceptional ability to update itself within very short periods of time. We offer this due to regular updates of street networks by mapping parties or volunteers contributing critical information to OpenStreetMap.

Besides navigation services, we will also present two applications on further information extracted from OpenStreetMap. OSM Landuse Landcover is a WebGIS application to explore OpenStreetMap in terms of specific landuse and landcover information (LULC) classifications. HistOSM visually explores historic objects stored in the OpenStreetMap database. Your visual exploration process is supported by dynamically created statistics showing the top most used object categories in the current map view extent.
Since our services are based on user generated geo-data, we are highly involved in OSM data quality assessment e.g. based on the data’s history. To this end, we provide studies and services to analyze an improve OpenStreetMap data quality e.g. by investigating the data’s generation process or usage of deep learning.

We are more than happy to invite you to visit us at the Smart City Forum (hall 7) at the CeBIT convention in Hannover from the 20-24.03.2017. If you are interested in meeting us there, please let us know (openrouteservice@geog.uni-heidelberg.de) as we can provide you some free tickets.

HeiGIT is being established with core funding by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, Heidelberg.