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  • Join our final “SocialMedia2Traffic” project presentation on March 22

    Navigation services need time dependent information on traffic speed to generate suitable routes and yield accurate travel time estimations. However, this information is not available free of cost globally. Within the recently completed project “SocialMedia2Traffic”, we have developed a system to model traffic speed of urban roads depending on the time of day based on […]

  • Announcing release 1.0 of ohsome API

    Big news from the ohsome team: the release 1.0 of one of our major services, the ohsome API for ohsome OpenStreetMap History Analytics, is on the doorstep. We are bringing three major advancements along with this version. The first one is a completely new documentation of the API giving several examples to different endpoints. The […]

  • Openrouteservice v6.0 – Ganymede

    We are pleased to announce the latest release of openrouteservice – version 6.0 also known as Ganymede. The main changes in this release are nestled in the backend code itself and have been performed to update the core GraphHopper library to a newer version.That said, there are also some new features in the release including […]

  • openrouteservice Io

    openrouteservice Io is here! The openrouteservice from HeiGIT has just had its latest update, and we want to introduce you to Io (version 5.0). This new version brings something that has been a while in the making and will make things a lot easier when it comes to requesting information from the openrouteservice – a […]

  • New features in OpenRouteService Interactive documentation

    The ORS Playground is an interactive API documentation application that allows the users to explore and interact with all the API services. The elements, inputs and forms are built from a swagger documentation file. Since the first release of the new OpenRouteService API Playground in November we have being worked on it to make some important improvements. A good part […]

  • Road access restriction information in openrouteservice

    The new year started in the openrouteservice team at HeiGIT with the release of openrouteservice 4.7.2. In this release there were a number of bug fixes, but also some new features. The main one of these is the inclusion of information about access restrictions when your route takes you over roads that are marked in […]

  • openrouteservice-js – your JS library for spatial node applications!

    And here comes another little Christmas present by HeiGIT: In addition to our previously released and highly appreciated python and R libraries we now offer an additional JavaScript API making the usage of the openrouteservice ecosystem covering the entire globe based on OpenStreetMap in your web applications terribly simple. From now on you will be […]

  • New OpenRouteService API playground

    After the release of the new OpenRouteService dashboard the team has worked on a new interactive API documentation application named API Playground , that allows the users to explore all the OpenRouteService API services, parameters and responses in an intuitive and easy way. It is possible run requests, see the response in a map, table […]

  • Avoiding Countries, Fetching Population Statistics and Responding in GeoJSON with Openrouteservice!

    Restricting Borders in openrouteservice Have you ever wanted to route between countries in Europe but only cross Schengen borders? Or maybe route from Detroit to Buffalo without crossing into Canada? Well now with openrouteservice you can! With the introduction of the new border crossing restrictions feature on driving profiles, you can tell the openrouteservice API to […]

  • Openrouteservice-py now available on PyPi – Easy Routing, Geocoding, Isochrones and Matrix Routing with Python!

    We have finally developed a pretty handy python API for all of you pythoniasts out there. This library makes requests to the openrouteservice API extremely simple. With this you will be able to query the following services with a couple of lines of python code. directions matrix geocoding isochrones To provide a quick and dirty […]

  • Introducing Healthy Routing preferring Green Areas with OpenRouteService

    Research in psychology and public health shows that there are environmental factors that cause an area to impose more or less stress to a person. One example is that being surrounded by natural green areas (meadows, parks, trees and forests etc. or also blue water areas) has a relaxing influence to the mood of a […]

  • Introducing LABS.OpenRouteService.org with Open Space Routing and the Places POI search API

    Some of the results from our research are transformed into stable and professionally managed services, that are used by the wider public. A prominent example is OpenRouteService.org. Since it’s introduction in early 2008 it has been transformed now to a rigorously tested rich API that is hosted on a cloud system and that can be […]