Recent Progress in Automated Cartography at German Cartographers Day at INTERGEO

The German Cartographers Day (Deutscher Kartographentag) is taking place at INTERGEO conference held in Stuttgart this week.
We will present an update on recent progress in automated cartography in a talk by Andreas Reimer and Maxim Rylov about our latest improvements in automated label placement, which have been implemented in MapSurfer.NET as published as in

The talk will be at Thursday Sep. 17, 15:00 in the Session on “Recent Research Topics” ( Room C6.1 )
“Aktuelle Fortschritte in der automatischen Schriftplatzierung”
Andreas Reimer & Maxim Rylov (Heidelberg University, GIScience Research Group)
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The GIScience Research Group can also be found during the next three days at INTERGEO at the joint booth of the GeoNet.MRN (Network Geoinformation of the Metropolitain Region Rhine-Neckar)
Halle 6 | Stand: D6.093 We are looking forward to your visit.


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