New Release of LVISA – Exploring 3D Point Clouds of Trees in the Web

The LIDAR Research Group (LRG) released LVISA – a novel system for analyzing point clouds of vegetation. This system examplifies a web-based laser scanning database for the management and analysis of tree reference signatures. It combines techniques and methods of LiDAR and 3D GIScience.

We present a new release of LVISA including re-designed and re-implemented client and server-side components.

In particular, new features include:

  • Completely re-designed and re-implemented client application. The client leverages latest technologies, such as HTML5 and WebGL. Their combination with OGC Web Services for access, visualization and processing improves the performance and the operability of the application.
  • New tools: LVISA provides visualization and exploration tools to get a better understanding of the data: For example using the height distribution or scatter plots of radiometric features of tree families or comparing and validating external tree point clouds with LVISA reference trees.

Explore the new release and let us know what you think.



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