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  • Today paper on green routing at GIScience conference 2021

    The “11th International Conference on GIScience” 2021 started!  Our full paper related to MeinGrün project and openrouteservice will be presented this Tuesday 13:30 CET in Session 3 “Mobility”: 13:30-13:45: Christina Ludwig, Sven Lautenbach, Eva-Marie Schömann and Alexander Zipf. Comparison of simulated fast and green routes for cyclists and pedestrians. Routes with a high share of […]

  • Landcover monitoring with emphasis on vegetation under the climatic change pressure using multitemporal and multisource remote sensing data fusion

    The new project on landcover monitoring with emphasis on vegetation under the climatic change pressure using multitemporal and multisource remote sensing data is a collaboration project funded in the framework of 4EU+ Flagship 4: Biodiversity and Sustainable Developement with Markéta Potůčková (Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography, Charles University Prague) as PI of the project. […]

  • meinGrün Umfrage: Wofür nutzen Sie städtische Grünflächen?

    Alle Jahre wieder blühen die Kirschbäume vor unserem Institutsgebäude in voller Pracht und laden Passanten allen Alters ein zum Verweilen. Städtische Grünflächen wie diese leisten einen wichtigen Beitrag zur urbanen Lebensqualität, indem sie viele Funktionen wie Naturerfahrung, sozialen Austausch und Erholung ermöglichen. Jedoch eignet sich nicht jeden Grünfläche gleichermaßen für jeden Einzelnen und jede Aktivität. […]

  • MeinGrün – project proposal approved (mFund BMVI)

    Informationen und Navigation zu urbanen Grünflächen in Städten – meinGrün Neues mFund Kooperations-Projekt meinGrün wird vom BMVI gefoerdert. Problemstellung Um in Städten trotz Wachstum und Nachverdichtung eine hohe Lebensqualität zu sichern, spielen Grünflächen eine essentielle Rolle, da sie sich positiv auf Stadtklima und Biodiversität auswirken und als Orte der Naturerfahrung und Entspannung dienen. Bürgerinnen und […]

  • Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning in Vegetation Studies—A Review of Point Cloud and Waveform Features for Tree Species Classification

    In recent years, small-footprint full-waveform airborne laser scanning has become readily available and established for vegetation studies in the fields of forestry, agriculture and urban studies. Independent of the field of application and the derived final product, each study uses features to classify a target object and to assess its characteristics (e.g., tree species). These […]

  • Four contributions from GIScience Heidelberg at the ISPRS Congress in Prague

    The LiDAR Research Group (LRG) of GIScience Heidelberg is contributing novel approaches for geological outcrop characterization, LiDAR simulation, tree classification as well as education in close-range sensing. You are kindly invited to visit our presentations at the ISPRS Congress 2016 in Prague. Furthermore our new HELIOS LiDAR Simulator will participate in the CATCON contest for […]

  • LVISA release: plotting out of the map

    The LIDAR Research Group (LRG) present a new release of LVISA: plotting out of the map. Besides the 3D presentation of a selected tree, plots with respect to feature statistic as well as the comparison to corresponding tree species, family and class are now also available. Who has not heard of LVISA: LVISA is a […]

  • New Release of LVISA – Exploring 3D Point Clouds of Trees in the Web

    The LIDAR Research Group (LRG) released LVISA – a novel system for analyzing point clouds of vegetation. This system examplifies a web-based laser scanning database for the management and analysis of tree reference signatures. It combines techniques and methods of LiDAR and 3D GIScience. We present a new release of LVISA including re-designed and re-implemented […]

  • LiDAR Research group attends the Workshop on “UAV-based Remote Sensing Methods for Monitoring Vegetation”

    The Workshop on UAV-based Remote Sensing Methods for Monitoring Vegetation was held at the University of Cologne, Germany. Around 120 participants discussed the topics UAVs, Vegetation Monitoring, Hyperspectral Vegetation Analysis, Multispectral Vegetation Analysis, 3D-Approaches, Vegetation Indices, Laserscanning and Stereo Photogrammetry. The LiDAR Research Group, represented by Kristina Koenig, attends the Workshop with two posters, dealing […]