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  • HGG Vortrag: Heute: Erneuerbare Energien als Entwicklungschance? Deutschland und Kenia im Vergleich. Prof. Klage, 17.05., 19:15 Uhr

    Hiermit möchte wir Sie herzlich zum HGG Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Britta Klagge (Universität Bonn) zum Thema “Erneuerbare Energien als Entwicklungschance? Deutschland und Kenia im Vergleich” einladen. Der Vortrag findet am Dienstag (17.05.2022) um 19:15 Uhr im kleinen Hörsaal des KIPs (INF 227) der Universität Heidelberg statt. hgg.urz.uni-heidelberg.de Der zunehmende Einsatz erneuerbarer Energien geht mit […]

  • Study “Multiscale analysis and reduction measures of urban carbon dioxide budget based on building energy consumption” published

    The 3D spatial data processing group had the opportunity to collaborate with the team of Prof. Tzu-Ping Lin from National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, within the frame of a study dealing with carbon emission reduction measures in urban environments. One option of reducing carbon emission by buildings is to install photovoltaic (PV) panels in […]

  • Open Data Meeting of AG Open Government Städtetag Baden-Württemberg

    today the interdisciplinary working group “Open Government” of “Städtetag Baden-Württemberg” meets in Heidelberg for a workshop on Open Data. Among the invited speakers are for example – Michael Winckler, Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für wissenschaftliches Rechnen Uni Heidelberg (IWR) talking about “Open Data aus Sicht einer Forschungseinrichtung” – Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf, GIScience Heidelberg / HeiGIT), with […]

  • Save the date: Regional GIS Conference in Heidelberg 25. November 2015

    Once again the “Fachaustausch Geoinformation” will be organized by the Geo-Network of the Metropolitain Region Rhine-Neckar GeoNet.MRN” in Heidelberg on 11/25/2015. The event serves the networking and exchange of experience between interested parties, experts, users and decision-makers from business, science, politics and government on applications and current issues of regional data and geographic information systems. […]

  • Methods for Participation in Urban Planning in the Knowledge Society – New Project Accepted

    Recently a new joint project together with several groups at Heidelberg University has been accepted and is starting now. The interdisciplinary so called “Reallabor Urban Office” deals with sustainable urban development in the knowledge society and is coordinated by Prof. Gerhard (Geography of North America) and tightly linked to the Internationale Bauaustellung IBA Heidelberg. The […]

  • New WebPortals by GeoNet.MRN – Network, Energy Atlas, etc.

    Our “Network Geoinformation of the Metropole Region Rhine-Neckar” has a new updated Web Portal at http://www.geonet-mrn.de. Also the first prototype of the interactive Web-based Energy Atlas http://energie.geoportal-mrn.de/ for the Metropole Region Rhein-Neckar went online already some time ago. Recently our Master Student Sabrina Helsper has developed a Atlas on thermal energy for all of Germany […]