New WebPortals by GeoNet.MRN – Network, Energy Atlas, etc.

Our “Network Geoinformation of the Metropole Region Rhine-Neckar” has a new updated Web Portal at Also the first prototype of the interactive Web-based Energy Atlas for the Metropole Region Rhein-Neckar went online already some time ago. Recently our Master Student Sabrina Helsper has developed a Atlas on thermal energy for all of Germany on the building level in her Master thesis at our Department. This was realized in a project by Geomer, GEF Ingenieur AG and SDSS Data Services. And last but not least the German “GIW” Commission for Geoinformation Economy by the Ministry of Economy and Technology (GeoBusiness) realeased a new booklet “Standpunkte 11/2013” with several contributions by members of our “Network Geoinformation of the Metropole Region Rhine-Neckar”.