Methods for Participation in Urban Planning in the Knowledge Society – New Project Accepted

Recently a new joint project together with several groups at Heidelberg University has been accepted and is starting now. The interdisciplinary so called “Reallabor Urban Office” deals with sustainable urban development in the knowledge society and is coordinated by Prof. Gerhard (Geography of North America) and tightly linked to the Internationale Bauaustellung IBA Heidelberg.
The project part 4 is lead by Prof. A. Zipf from GIScience Heidelberg and deals with new methods for generating knowledge for the city. In particular it investigates new methods for citizen participation through interactive urban planning using Web 2.0 technologies. Our main case study deals with the energy turn using the example of Heidelberg and it’s “Masterplan clima protection 100%” together with the project partner “Institute for Energy and Environmental Research IFEU“.

Further Information in German.
We do offer thesis topics for students in the context of this project.