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  • Kartenwelten des Anthropozän: Neue Ansichten einer Welt im Wandel – HGG-Vortrag am Dienstag 06.07. Prof. Dr. Benjamin Hennig

    Wir laden Sie herzlich zum nächsten HGG Vortrag ein: Dienstag, 06. Juli 2021, 19:15 Uhr (online) Prof. Dr. Benjamin Hennig (Háskóli Íslands. Island Universität) Kartenwelten des Anthropozän: Neue Ansichten einer Welt im Wandel Wie sieht die Welt im Zeitalter des Menschen aus? Kartogramme, oder anamorphe Kartendarstellungen, erfreuen sich zunehmender Beliebtheit in der Humangeographie. Diese alternative […]

  • New visiting Professor Vivian de Oliveira Fernandes from Brasil at GIScience HD

    We are happy to welcome Prof. Dr. Vivian de Oliveira Fernandes from Brasil to join the GIScience Research Group at Heidelberg University for the next months during her sabbatical as a visiting professor. Vivian is Associate Professor at the Department of Transport and Geodesy Engineering and Permanent Member of the Postgraduate Program in Civil Engineering […]

  • Towards the statistical analysis and visualization of places

    The concept of place recently gains momentum in GIScience. In some fields like human geography, spatial cognition or information theory, this topic already has a longer scholarly tradition. This is however not yet completely the case with statistical spatial analysis and cartography. Despite that, taking full advantage of the plethora of user-generated information that we […]

  • Colloquium on Micro Diagrams for Geovisual Analysis of Point Datasets

    We cordially invite everybody interested to our next open GIScience colloquium talk The speaker is Mathias Gröbe Technical University of Dresden, Department of Geosciences, Institute of Cartography When: Monday 23.04.2018, 14:15 Where: INF 348, room 015 (Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University) Micro Diagrams: A Multi-Scale Approach for Geovisual Analysis of Categorised Point Datasets Location-based social media from […]

  • Better Maps for the Weather Portal Kachelmannwetter

    The goal of our new project with Kachelmannwetter.com is to provide specialized maps based on OpenStreetMap data using the cartographic framework MapSurfer.NET which currently serves the map service at uni-heidelberg.de/openmapsurfer. To achieve the project goals, we will design a brand new map style and add several extensions to the framework. Stay tuned for the result!

  • Report on the 27th International Cartographic Conference; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    The 27th International Cartographic Conference (ICC) was held from 23-28th of August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The conference brought together several hundreds of professors, researchers and students worldwide in three main disciplines of Cartography, GIScience, and Remote Sensing to discuss various research topics ranging from map design, map use, users and usabilities to location […]

  • The Past, Present and Future of Cartography – Talk by Prof. Kainz

    We cordially invite everybody to another interesting talk in the anniversary GIScience Colloquium Series at Heidelberg University. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Kainz (Professor for Cartography and Geoinformation, Institut for Geographie and Regional Research, University of Vienna) will talk on Thursday, Jul 16, 2015, 4.15 pm in the Lecture Hall, Berliner Straße 48, Heidelberg about the […]

  • Andreas Reimer successfully defends his PhD on Cartographic Modeling for Automated Map Generation

    Last week our GIScience team member Dr. Andreas Reimer successfully defended his PhD at TU Eindhoven (Promotor: Prof. Dr. Bettina Speckmann, Eindhoven and Co-promotor: Prof. Dr. W.A. Mackaness, Edinburgh). The topic of the PhD thesis was “Cartographic modelling for automated map generation” and includes a range of fascinating research on cartography, ranging from schematizing and […]

  • Two successfully completed PhDs @ GIScience HD

    Last week two colleagues successfully defended their PhDs within the GIScience Research Group at Heidelberg University. The first was the PhD thesis entitled “Exploring and Simulating Spatial Patterns of Urban Growth Using Data-driven and knowledge-based Approaches” by Mr. Hossein Shafeezadeh Moghaddam. The main focus was the development and evaluation of different spatiotemporal modeling strategies for […]

  • Ravenstein-Förderpreis 2014 for automated map labelling

    Two our colleagues, Maxim Rylov and Andreas Reimer have received a Ravenstein Recognition award from the German Cartographic Society. Their work in automation of map lettering has been recognized by jury members as a compelling and relevant topic that is undoubtedly interesting to all who concerns oneself with digital cartography. Their considerable achievements are the […]

  • Stenomaps: A new visual encoding for thematic maps

    Administrative regions and attached statistical data are often simply displayed by the contentious choropleth technique. A recent research collaboration between researchers from the Technical University Eindhoven, City University London and the GIScience group at Heidelberg University successfully added a new arrow to the quiver of Geovisualisation techniques: The Stenomap. The stenomap comprises a series of […]

  • Improving the Quality of Cartographic Labeling

    The lettering process, including assigning names to point features, is an essential part of map production. While there have been numerous and varied research efforts to automate point-feature label placement (PFLP), none of them seems to have taken into account the many well-established cartographic precepts for point-feature annotation used by human cartographers. As a result, […]