Ravenstein-Förderpreis 2014 for automated map labelling

Two our colleagues, Maxim Rylov and Andreas Reimer have received a Ravenstein Recognition award from the German Cartographic Society. Their work in automation of map lettering has been recognized by jury members as a compelling and relevant topic that is undoubtedly interesting to all who concerns oneself with digital cartography. Their considerable achievements are the result of the recent research in the field of automated labelling. The findings of the conducted research can be found in the following papers.

Rylov M.A., Reimer A.W. (2014) “Improving Label Placement Quality by considering Basemap Detail with a Raster-Based Approach.” GeoInformatica. DOI:10.1007/s10707-014-0214-6

Rylov M.A., Reimer A.W. (2014) “A Practical Algorithm for the External Annotation of Area Features.” The Cartographic Journal. DOI: 10.1179/1743277414Y.0000000091.

Rylov M.A., Reimer A.W. (2014) “A Comprehensive Multi-Criteria Model for High Cartographic Quality Point-Feature Label Placement.” Cartographica, 49(1): pp. 52-68. DOI:10.3138/carto.49.1.2137

Do you want to see a result of the magic that happens behind a set of complicated algorithms? Then you should definitely visit OpenMapSurfer to get a piece of impression from a nice online map that involves cartographically plausible label placement on different scales. If you would like to probe those algorithms by your own, then try out MapSurfer.NET framework which is a cartographic expert system used to produce maps at OpenMapSurfer.