Looking back at FOSS4G Conference 2023

Figure 1: FOSS4G 2023, QGIS daily openings
This years FOSS4G conference took place from 26 June – 2 July 2023 in beautiful Prizren, Kosovo. Since 2006 FOSS4G, the largest global gathering for geospatial software, is organized by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). This year workshops, presentations, discussions, cooperation and developing of geospatial tools and softwares were organized.

Christina Ludwig and Marcel Reinmuth from HeiGIT also participated in the event. On June 27th they led a workshop about How to use openrouteservice in your GIS workflows: The case of disaster management. The workshop gave a introduction in the openrouteservice and how to use it in order to facilitate network and routing analysis for disaster management. Participants learned about the software’s key features, applied them in a practical disaster management use case, and gained knowledge on automating workflows and best practices for disaster response scenarios.

Figure 2: Marcel Reinmuth at the workshop

Moreover, on June 28th Christina Ludwig delivered a well-attended presentation about Traffic Speed Modelling to Improve Travel Time Estimation in openrouteservice. She talked about how they modelled traffic speed by hour of day at a street level using open data from OSM, Twitter and population data and how this was subsequently integrated into the openrouteservice to improve travel time estimation in route planning. Machine learning models were trained with traffic speed data from Uber Movement as reference data for ten cities worldwide and the potential of different indicators based on e.g. geolocation and timestamp of Twitter data were evaluated to improve prediction accuracy. Check out the paper by Ludwig et al. (2023) for more information.

Figure 3: Christina Ludwig giving a presentation about traffic speed modelling

Thanks for everyone who participated!

We had a great time with fruitful exchange and are looking forward to next years conference!

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