Usage of HELIOS for various applications

The Heidelberg LiDAR Operations Simulator (HELIOS) is an open source laser scanning simulation framework for interactive simulation and visualization of terrestrial, mobile and airborne laser scanning surveys. It can be flexibly used for teaching and training of laser scanning, development of new scanner hardware and scanning methods, or generation of artificial scan data sets to support the development of point cloud processing and analysis algorithms.

Due to its high flexibility it has already been used by the 3DGeo Research Group and other research groups for different studies and applications:

Validation of leaf angle distribution quantification

Evaluation of point cloud quality requirements for Scan-vs-BIM based automated construction progress monitoring

Understory forest structure modelling

Simulation of full-waveform laser scanning of outcrops for the development of point cloud analysis algorithms and survey planning

If you are interested in using HELIOS for your application and research, you can download a pre-compiled latest version of HELIOS here. The corresponding wiki contains detailed information on how to set up and handle HELIOS.

Missing features in HELIOS? Why not contribute to the project on GitHub – join as developer or submit “issues” you encounter!

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