Meet HeiGIT/GIScience @HOT Summit/ FOSS4G in Dar es Salaam

HeiGIT/GIScience Research Group is looking forward to present our latest research, services and developments at the HOT Summit/ FOSS4G in beautiful Dar es Salaam. Sabrina Marx and Melanie Eckle of the Geoinformation for Humanitarian Aid group will provide an overview of our latest projects and ideas, and current collaborative projects with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

Sabrina will provide an introduction into the openrouteservice for disaster management, current developments and practical applications in the sessions Wednesday afternoon. While the OpenStreetMap History Analytics ohsome platform was already recently introduced to the OSM community at the international State of the Map conference, Melanie will now present our ohsome platform to the wider HOT community. Furthermore, the talk will provide insights on how the community can make use of the platform for own analyses and use cases. Join the session Thursday afternoon to learn more.

Dar es Salaam being one of the project sites of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), due to the growing HOT/OSM community in Eastern Africa (and beyond) and the shared interest in open-source and open data of the communities, HOT and FOSS4G will this year co-host their annual events.

We are looking forward to being part of this and to great exchanges with the communities!



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