Successful DFG VGIscience Collaborative Research Week in Heidelberg

Last week about 30 scientists from different insitutions from all across Germany came together in Heidelberg to conduct collaborative research. The research week is the result of an intense collaboration within the DFG Priority Programme VGIscience, which deals with the following topics

Information Retrieval and Analysis of VGI:
• information extraction (space, time, semantics)
• data aggregation and fusion of different sources and space/time scales
• identification of patterns and correlations in VGI
• new processing paradigms for large data streams
• search and exploration of VGI

Geovisualisation and Cartographic Communication:
• visualisation methods suitable for VGI (streaming, multivariate, metadata, quality)
• real-time visualisation and abstraction
• user feedback, collaboration and interaction
• theoretical frameworks for VGI visualisation

Social Context:
• interfacing subjective classification and common ontologies, preservation of consistency
• social context dependent data capture, use and dissemination
• reliability and trustworthiness, information quality
• motivation, participation, privacy

The research week has been organized by Franz-Benjamin Mocnik and René Westerholt.



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