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  • ‘Place’ in the GIScience Community – an indicative and preliminary Systematic Literature Review

    The concept of place has recently gained importance in geographical information science (GIScience). One reason for this is the emergence of user-generated geographic information, which partially represents subjective everyday geographical encounters. No consensus, however, on how to deal with place in GIScience has yet been reached. A recently published paper presents a systematic literature review […]

  • Successful DFG VGIscience Collaborative Research Week in Heidelberg

    Last week about 30 scientists from different insitutions from all across Germany came together in Heidelberg to conduct collaborative research. The research week is the result of an intense collaboration within the DFG Priority Programme VGIscience, which deals with the following topics Information Retrieval and Analysis of VGI: • information extraction (space, time, semantics) • […]