Invited GIScience Heidelberg OSM Services Demo Keynote at GEOINFO 2017

This week sees the 18th GEOINFO conference taking part in Salvador. It is the annual conference for exploring ongoing research, development and innovative applications on geographic information science in Brazil. Alexander Zipf is among the keynote speakers. In the special demo session he will highlight some of the OSM related web services for data quality assessment and routing from the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) and related achievements. Examples include a preview on and its forthcoming Rest API for OSM history data analytics, as well as the preview of the parallel pre-processing empowered version of OSMatrix.

Also some examples of the very rich feature set and API of OpenRouteService will be given: these include many specialized routing profiles (from heavy vehicles with many options to several individual bike profiles (e.g. e-Bike, MTB, secure etc with further options.), or even healthyquiet or wheelchair routing – even with crossing open spaces). Further API endpoints and services include fast and highly configurable isochrones for accessibility analysis, geocoder, the Locations API and the brand new Matrix API. Also Landmark based navigation can be supported by OpenRouteService. ORS is open source, based on OpenStreetMap data and is also the routing engine of the German national “Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodesie” (BKG). Together with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) HeiGIT also develops both the MapSwipe Analytics plattform and provides the service. Stay tuned for some forthcoming news about the latter.

If you are eager to play around with these features feel free to browse to and if you can’t wait to use the API directly, please sign up for a key at and check the details of the openrouteservice API documentation.

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