Healthy Routing presented at the SemGeoSoc Workshop

The current status of ou Healthy Routing research was presented in the SemGeoSoc Workshop hosted by the Zürich University and organized by prominent researchers in the area of geoinformatics. The workshop offered the opportunity for presenting and discussing ongoing work on the areas of location-based services supported by VGI, social media, citizen & science and authoritative datasets.

Our contribution focused on the characterization of street segments regarding their greenness , noise intensity and social vibrancy (Fig. 1) based on OpenStreetMap data. We also discussed how other collaborative data sources can be considered for taking into account the temporality and the location-specific aspects of sociability. Also, planned future steps were presented together with preliminary results on the suggestion of social routes (Fig. 2).

Some of the work had already been integrated into the OpenRouteService as a first prototype with both “green” and “quiet” (noise avoiding) routing.