Maptember in Ottawa: HeiGIT/GIScience at Missing Maps and HOT gatherings

This year the capital of Canada will become the gathering place for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and Missing Maps community and partners.

September 12th/13th the Missing Maps members will come together for their annual meeting to discuss current projects, challenges, ideas and future plans. The next two days, September 14th/15th, the HOT Summit will provide the chance to meet the HOT community and to exchange ideas all around the use of OpenStreetMap (OSM) data for humanitarian and disaster management purposes. Breakout sessions, lightning talks, workshops, facilitated discussions, birds of a feather, training as well as working group sessions will allow to learn more about the community and partners, current ideas and projects and future plans.

HeiGIT/GIScience being a long-term supporter of the HOT and Missing Maps community, Missing Maps member and a partner of the Humaninitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Marcel Reinmuth and Melanie Eckle of the GIScience/ HeiGIT group will be joining the Missing Maps and HOT events and present current work around MapSwipe and MapSwipe Analytics, the use of OSM for crowdsourced damage assessment and the role and potential of research with and about HOT and Missing Maps.

Melanie recently joined the board of directors of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. Therefore she will furthermore take part in the in-person board meeting that will be organized the following weekend.

Sounds interesting? Use the opportunity to be a part, the HOT Summit Registration is still open!

HeiGIT is generously supported through core funding from the Klaus Tschira Foundation Heidelberg.