New QGIS-PlugIn for OSM-Routing and Accessibility Analysis using OpenRouteService

Recently a new “OSM Tools Plugin” for QGIS had been developed by Nils Nolde. It replaces the original OSMroute plugin for QGIS by Riccardo Klinger, which is now deprecated, as he unfortunately lacks the time to maintain it. Thanks a lot to Riccardo and Nils for their wonderful efforts and contributions so far!

The new “OSM Tools” Plugin is compatible with the recently introduced new ORS API. The plugin provides some of the most relevant functions of the ORS API for QGIS users, such as geocoding/reverse gecoding, routing, as well as accessibility analysis (i.e. creating an isochrone map). The ORS API is continuing to grow with many further options that can be integrated into the open source plugin.

Here you can find a short overview and intro with some screenshots.

Have some fun with using the power of OSM and ORS from your favourite GIS.

OSM Tools