Location matters – GIS in the humanitarian sector – Presentation by S. Sudhoff (CartONG)

On next monday, Sandra Sudhoff will give a public talk on the integration of GIS and other IT technologies with the humanitarian sector.
Sandra is technical director at CartONG, a french NGO commited to providing geotools, geodata and professional guidance to decision makers and respondents in emergency relief and humanitarian aid.
Like GIScience Heidelberg CartONG is a member of the MISSING MAPS Project
Presenting examples from the field, their impact as well as the perceived gaps, the talk aims at taking a glimpse at the various parameters which might influence a successful implementation of geospatial tools in humanitarian aid. Whilst most operations in the humanitarian sector will recognise the usefulness of geospatial products and tools, it is not always easy for them to choose what type of data they actually need to collect and analyse for information-based decision-making and also which tools to retain amongst the number of tools out there.

We are happy seeing you there!

Location matters – How GIS and new information technologies support coordination and decision making in the humanitarian sector

Sandra Sudhoff / Technical Director, CartONG, France
Mon, July 11, 2016, 2.15 pm,
Hörsaal INF 348, Lecture Hall (Room 015), Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University