OSM Mapathon for Regional Planning in Togo at GIScience HD on June 8th

Save the date: On Wednesday June 08 it’s time again to start a OSM mapping event at the Department of Geography Heidelberg University. We want to continue this semester adding to previously successful mapping events organized by students, the disastermappers HD and GIScience HD in Heidelberg.

For many places in the world there are no maps. Sokodé, the third largest city in Togo requires digital maps for urban and regional planning. For this reason we want to start a OSM mapping action for the region Sokodé. We have collaborations with the end users of that data that also will add further local data and knowledge.

WHERE? Berliner Straße 48, PC-Pool

WHEN? Wednesday 08 June from 18.00

GIS knowledge can be useful for creating the maps in OpenStreetMap, but are not a prerequisite for this event. In the beginning a small tutorial will be given, which explains the relevant practical basics of OpenStreetMap and the specifics of the region and the mapping task.
Those who prefer to bring their own laptop can do these and we recommend to bring a mouse.

We are looking forward to mapping jointly with you for Togo!

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