Month: November 2015

  • Today: Colloquium Talk about Mobile Mapping

    Today, our guest Professor Nüchter (University of Würzburg) will present a novel algorithm for correcting vehicle positions along trajectories. In the face of recent developments such as autonomous driving, this is a highly interesting and inspiring topic. Looking forward to your participation! Prof. Dr. Andreas Nüchter, Mobile Mapping with SLAM, Lecture Hall BST 48, 04.15pm […]

  • Invitation to 2nd CrowdAnalyser Workshop with speaker Prof. Paul Longley (UCL London)

    On behalf of the research training group “CrowdAnalyser” at Heidelberg University (, we would like to invite you to participate in our second “CrowdAnalyser Workshop 2015”. The objective of this workshop is to bring together academics and practitioners that are interested in exploring knowledge and developing methods, operational frameworks and systems for spatio-temporal data generated […]

  • Matching OpenStreetMap Road Networks with Authority Data – a Polygon-based Approach

    Matching road network is an essential step for data quality assessment by using reference data. Conventionally, road network from two data sets are matched by using line-based approach which checks the similarity of properties of line segments. In new method recently published in IJGIS, a polygon-based approach is proposed to match OpenStreetMap road network with […]

  • Presentations of Heidelberg Geographical Society this semester about Challenge Metropolis

    The public talks of the Heidelberg Geographical Society do start this Tuesday evening (19 pm). The theme of the talks this semester is “Challenge Metropolis – urban development in the age of globalization“. The first talk will be given by the new faculty member at the Department of Geography of Heidelberg University, Jun.Prof. Anna Growe […]

  • Being a Polar Researcher

    Mid of October Inga Beck was invited by a local primary school to talk about her research and to give the students an impression about the work of a Polar Researcher. The entire school (around 200 children and 15 teachers) gathered in the assembly hall of the school and listened carefully to the presentation. Beside […]

  • Lajos-Lóczy-Medal for Prof. Peter Meusburger

    Senior Professor distinctus Dr. Dr.h.c. Peter Meusburger recently received the honorable Lajos Lóczy Plaque. This medal is awarded to him by the Hungarian Geographical Society for his contribution to the Hungarian geography. It is the highest scientific award of the Hungarian geography. Congratulations Peter!

  • Statistical investigation of geo-tagged shipping information

    Inspection and analysis of geo-tagged shipping information could provide insights to the transformation of a variety of “global spaces” during times of rapid globalization. One of the famous resources of shipping data is a shipping newspaper called LLOYDS lists. The list contains weekly and later daily information on global shipping since the late seventeenth century […]

  • New Collaboration on Crowdsouring for Forensic Disaster Analysis with KIT

    The aftermath of disasters – such as the recent Nepal earthquake – have shown that the general public can contribute to the response of a disaster event and moreover is able to organize and engage itself across national borders. Digital volunteerism is offering unique capabilities to bridge information gaps, particularly in crisis situations where infrastructure […]

  • Autumn in Heidelberg @GIScience

    We are happy to share with you some impressions from a colourful autumn in Heidelberg. Some members of GIScience Research Group Heidelberg University.

  • Andreas Reuter appointed Senior Professor at Heidelberg University

    Prof. Dr. Ing. Andreas Reuter, Managing Director of the Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies (HITS) gGmbH and Scientific and Managing Director of the European Media Laboratory GmbH (EML) has been appointed Senior Professor at Heidelberg University. The expert for information technologies will develop further the IT infrastructure for data-driven science. Congratulations Andreas! Here is the […]