Being a Polar Researcher

Mid of October Inga Beck was invited by a local primary school to talk about her research and to give the students an impression about the work of a Polar Researcher. The entire school (around 200 children and 15 teachers) gathered in the assembly hall of the school and listened carefully to the presentation.

Beside the explanation of some important questions such as: How many layers of clothes do you have to ware when you work in the Arctic? How many calories do you have to eat when you are in a cold environment? What equipment do you need to be secure in the Arctic? She also gave some information about the wildlife in the Polar Regions, explained the difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic and described some special feature of the regions such as polar night and polar lights.

The highlight of the event was, when Inga showed a sperm whale made out of tissue in its full length, which impressed the children a lot. At the end everybody could ask questions to Inga, but the children were so interested that there was not nearly enough time to answer them all.



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