Extracting raw GPS data from OpenStreetMap – an LGPL tool

We are happy to announce that a new JAVA-based tool is available that allows extracting raw GPS data from the OpenStreetMap GPS planet file. The tool is under LGPL license. It allows to specify a bounding box and to export the extracted data to 3D-Shapefiles. Besides the full GPS planet file there are also regional extracts available which both may serve as possible input for the tool, the latter one probably being more convenient for most use cases. Many thanks go to our student assistent Steffen John for his great work! We welcome any feedback as well as further development of the tool by anyone who has an interest. If you need an up-to-date OSM GPS planet file, we also recommend another tool from the OSM community.

In addition to the WebGL visualisation of the voluntarily collected GPS information in Heidelberg, we have added three more regions as showcases to our gallery, including Salzburg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Dresden.

If you are interested in some of the scientific output that we got using this tool, we invite you to visit our poster presentation at GI_Forum (Salzburg, Austria) next week on Wednesday after 6:30pm: “Towards deriving incline values for street networks from voluntarily collected GPS data.”



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