Mapping for wheelchair users at Heidelberg castle gardens

On the occasion of the European protest day for equal rights of people with disabilities the Heidelberg advisory board of people with disabilities organises an event at Heidelberg castle tomorrow (30/4) from 2pm to 5pm. Our local CAP4ACCESS team is happy to join this event by leading mapping efforts to fill some data gaps in OpenStreetMap, Mapillary and Wheelmap and also to introduce relevant techniques to mapping newbies. This will also contribute to improve the wheelchair profile of, which is currently in beta testing (reported earlier).

Beside the mapping efforts, participants are also offered to join a free guided tour to the castle gardens and a presentation about Heidelberg Hürdenlos.

Everybody who is interested is invited, of course no matter whether disabled or non-disabled. As there is limited capacity, interested people are requested to register via e-mail

Further details may be seen in the official invitation (in German).



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