Heidelberg Crisis Mappers Colloquium next Wednesday

Here you find a report on the last Mapping Party at Heidelberg University organized by the Heidelberg Crisis Mappers with Kate Chapman, the Executive Director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) giving a lecture and then there is an invitation to join the upcoming

Crisis Mapping Colloquium

on Wednesday (26 Nov 2014, 16-18 clock,

Dep. of Geography, Heidelberg, Berliner Strasse 48, Big PC pool).

This time you get the chance at a workshop 10000000000000 know the different ways you can use OpenStreetMap. This is the ideal opportunity to deepen your knowledge of GIS or to venture an introduction to GIS in a casual atmosphere.

There is something for everyone:

In a beginner-workshop one learns the basics in using OSM with GIS .

In an intermediate-workshop you can learn how to extract OSM data in various ways, how to process and integrate it with other spatial data and how typical pitfalls can be avoided.

In a profi-workshop we look forward to welcoming a Geography Alumni as lecturer who tells us how to prepare and analyze OSM data with spatial databases.

drinks and meals will be available ;-)

To help us in preparing the workshops, we ask you to register (with the desired workshop) by email to disastermappers@posteo.de.

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