Conference call: Remote Sensing and GIS for Monitoring of Habitat Quality

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The International Workshop Remote Sensing and GIS for Monitoring of Habitat Quality, organized by GEO TU Wien and the Centre for Ecological Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, will connect scientists, practitioners and stakeholders from the domains of remote sensing, GIS and habitat conservation, to discuss how recent developments in remote sensing and data processing can be exploited for spatially explicit monitoring of habitat quality.

GIScience Heidelberg is participating in the scientific committee of the conference.

Our sessions will focus on recent developments in sensor technology and processing; ecological mapping from sensor and in-situ data, GIS processing from thematic maps to habitat quality evaluation, and finally user requirements and operational case studies.

Participants and contributors are welcome from natural and technical sciences, practical conservation and the market sector. We encourage submissions of abstracts for oral presentations, which will be subject to peer review based on scientific content and relevance for habitat quality mapping. A special issue of full papers in a relevant impact-listed journal is in preparation.



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