Our OSM-based maps continue to advance in popularity

Last year we announced about a significant update of our OSM-based maps provided by the web map tile service OpenMapSurfer. Since that time we made a big progress in improving the overall performance of the service, added a lot of missing map elements (e.g. archaeological sites, waterfalls, highway milestones, building entrances, etc.) and noticeably enhanced the quality of label placement. A lot of new features, continuous update of the data and stable work of the service make it highly attractive and more popular.
At first, the OSM Roads layer was made a default layer on the main web page of the Russian OpenStreetMap community. Recently, our maps (OSM Roads layer and satellite overlay, see Figures below) are actively used on a nicely redesigned page of the Polish OSM community. Moreover, the tiles from our service are used on a weather forecast map. In conclusion, on the threshold of the Olympic Games our map is in use on a web page that illustrates the driving directions in Sochi.





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