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  • HeiGIT Maps support DKFZ’s Cancer Information Service

    One of HeiGIT‘s goals is the beneficial use of geoinformation for society. To this end we provide a range of different Web services, mostly based on OpenStreetMap (OSM), such as openrouteservice or the OSM history analytics platform ohsome.org. In particular we also offer several OSM based map services such as the topographic maps OSM-WMS.de , […]

  • Revamped openrouteservice client for disaster management

    We are happy to announce a revamped openrouteservice maps client for disaster management. It was built based on the new openrouteservice maps client, that is an open source route planner with plenty of features. Specific disaster features were incorporated via the development of developing plugins. It was developed and is maintained by the Heidelberg Institute for […]

  • Kartenwelten des Anthropozän: Neue Ansichten einer Welt im Wandel – HGG-Vortrag am Dienstag 06.07. Prof. Dr. Benjamin Hennig

    Wir laden Sie herzlich zum nächsten HGG Vortrag ein: Dienstag, 06. Juli 2021, 19:15 Uhr (online) Prof. Dr. Benjamin Hennig (Háskóli Íslands. Island Universität) Kartenwelten des Anthropozän: Neue Ansichten einer Welt im Wandel Wie sieht die Welt im Zeitalter des Menschen aus? Kartogramme, oder anamorphe Kartendarstellungen, erfreuen sich zunehmender Beliebtheit in der Humangeographie. Diese alternative […]

  • A fresh new ORS maps client

    We are happy to announce that the new openrouteservice maps client has been finished and released. It is an open source route planner with plenty of features for car, heavy vehicles, hiking, cycling and wheelchair, designed to be mobile friendly and offers several advanced features and filters, as well as support for export and import files. […]

  • New embedded mode for OpenRouteService map client available

    The new openrouteservice map client development is in the final phase and has now a new feature that allows to show routes, isochrones and other features from openrouteservice (ORS) integrated on other websites. This allows webmasters and editors to embed those geographic features into their website using the new client. How to embed the maps […]

  • A revamped ORS map client to celebrate the 16th OpenStreetMap anniversary

    #OpenStreetMap is turning 16! Happy Birthday from the HeiGIT team. After 16 years OSM is a reference of collaborative work and how we can give our best to create and maintain global, free and multipurpose projects that bring benefits to all. As part of this ecosystem we are continuously working to offer services and solutions […]

  • Today! ChristMAP Workshop: Create unique presents using OSM and Satellite Imagery by disastermappers heidelberg

    Christmas is just around the corner and the disastermappers heidelberg are organizing another workshop on the use of OpenStreetMap data. As last year they will present different ways to craft personal Christmas gifts based on OpenStreetMap features. Additionally they will also show how to use open satellite imagery archives captured by Sentinel and Landsat mission. Together […]

  • Invitation: Colloquium talk by Dr. Franz-Benjamin Mocnik about Maps Telling Stories

    We cordially invite all interested to our forthcoming talk next Monday about differences in the representation of spatial information in text and map media. Dr. Franz-Benjamin Mocnik proposes a new paradigm of map use enabling maps to tell stories happening in space and time. Maps telling Stories Dr. Franz-Benjamin Mocnik, Visiting Scientist at Bremen Spatial Cognition Center, Bremen […]

  • London – Washington D.C. – Jakarta – San Francisco – Heidelberg?! MissingMaps Project

    Putting the world’s most vulnerable people on a map and thereby reduce the vulnerability of disaster prone regions before they can even cause serious harm – that is the objective of the MissingMaps Project. A great idea put together by Doctors Without Borders (MSF), British and American Red Cross and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team (HOT). […]

  • Our OSM-based maps continue to advance in popularity

    Last year we announced about a significant update of our OSM-based maps provided by the web map tile service OpenMapSurfer. Since that time we made a big progress in improving the overall performance of the service, added a lot of missing map elements (e.g. archaeological sites, waterfalls, highway milestones, building entrances, etc.) and noticeably enhanced […]

  • OpenMapSurfer is OSM Image of the Week

    A map rendering with hillshading by OpenMapSurfer.uni-hd.de is currently the OSM Image of the Week. It is featured on this weeks OpenStreetMap Wiki main page. Congratulations to our team member Maxim Rylov! The images shows the OpenMapSurfer Layer: “OSM Roads (new)” with “ASTER GDEM & SRTM Hillshade (experimental)” overlay. The region displayed is in Greece. […]

  • High Cartographic Quality Label Placement on OSM-based Map

    In January 2012 we launched OpenMapSurfer – a web map service with a set of custom layers that are based on geo-data of OpenStreetMap project. The main idea was to present OSM data in a different way by placing emphasis on the cartographic representation of data, namely to enhance the quality of the cartographic lettering […]