VGI ACTIVITY Workshop at AGILE – Full Papers and Position Papers now available for access

The ACTIVITY workshop was a pre-conference workshop at the 16th AGILE Conference in Leuven, Belgium on May 14th, 2013. The GIScience research group of the University of Heidelberg showed up actively by presenting two presentations by Jamal Jokar on “Individuals’ contribution to cells: a cellular automata approach for simulation of collaboratively mapped areas” and Christopher Barron on “Towards intrinsic Quality Analysis of OpenStreetMap Datasets”. The conclusions and discussions of the workshop is planned to be published as an open-access paper to the JOSIS journal soon. Our group was involved in the organization process as well. Moreover, two other presentations by Jamal Jokar on “Assessing the Quality of OpenStreetMap Contributors together with their Contributions” and Mohamed Bakillah on “Publish/Subscribe System based on Event Calculus to Support Real-Time Multi-agent Evacuation Simulation” were orally presented.

All full papers and position papers of the VGI ACTIVITY Workshop at AGILE are now available for access and download from here