Interview on Crowdsourcing for Optimized Cycle Routes

On the occasion of the international Bike2Work Day the radio Berlin Brandenburg (RBB) conducted a short interview with Prof. Alexander Zipf (GIScience HDHeiGIT). It was about current research and development work at the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg and HeiGIT, which involve the use of user-generated geodata for investigations between cycling behaviour and health, as well as the planning of attractive, especially stress-avoiding bicycle routes. The project PEZ at the Central Institute for Mental Health Zentralinstitut für seelische Gesundheit (ZI Mannheim), whose subproject Psychogeographie in Heidelberg is investigating the relationship between urbanity (i.e. environmental factors) and health, in particular mental stress.

In the context of these activities, ideas were developed to expand the online route planner, which are currently being tested and in the first stage of development have the goal of generating routes that “prefer green areas“. The further development of route planners for specific information requirements such as wheelchair routing or disaster management is a major focus at HeiGIT.

Here you can read the whole interview: (in German)