Tag: Landmarks

  • Learning salience models of indoor landmarks

    In landmark-based way-finding, determining the most salient landmark from several candidates at decision points is challenging. To overcome this problem, current approaches usually rely on a linear model to measure the salience of landmarks. However, linear models are not always able to establish an accurate quantitative relationship between the attributes of a landmark and its […]

  • Adding Landmark based Navigation Instructions to OpenRouteService

    A recently published paper (Rousell & Zipf 2017) presents a prototype navigation service extending OpenRouteService (Schmitz et al. 2008) that extracts landmarks suitable for pedestrian navigation instructions from the OSM dataset based on several metrics. In general, when providing instructions on how to get somewhere, people generally include landmarks in their instructions – “Turn left […]

  • Towards a Landmark based pedestrian Navigation Service using OpenStreetMap data

    Within wayfinding and navigation tasks, the use of landmarks has been found to be a key aspect. In particular pedestrian instructions should focus on the delivery of “landmarks” to aid in navigation. Still the use of landmarks is not common in many navigation systems. The salience of features is an important aspect of whether they […]

  • AGILE 2015 conference (and third place poster award)

    Last week saw the 18th AGILE conference being held in Lisbon, Portugal. Starting on Tuesday with a number of parallel workshops, the conference ran until Friday and included a number of interesting talks, key note sessions and a number of social events. The presence of GIScience at Heidelberg University was felt through two workshops being […]