HeiGIT/GIScience and disastermappers at GeOnG 2018

Over the next couple of days, CartONG are again organizing the biannual GeOnG conference– a great occasion for humanitarian actors, volunteer communities and humanitarian and GIS service providers to mingle and exchange current ideas, challenges and lessons learned.

This year the main theme is ““Perfection” versus “Good Enough” in Information Management: Adjusting to context, scale, phase, and funding.” Therefore, attendants will also have the chance to also learn about the less often discussed issues and obstacles in humanitarian practice.

Benjamin Herfort, Marcel Reinmuth, Isabell Klipper, Matthias Schaub, Michael Dollinger and Melanie Eckle will represent our research group and will contribute to several of the sessions over the three days.

On Monday, Benjamin will be facilitating the roundtable around “Machine Learning, AI & satellite imagery: what impact on humanitarian mapping?“. Melanie will furthermore introduce the Humanitarian Data Research Collaborative which was recently launched as result of the Workshop around “Making sense of humanitarian geospatial data to improve the impact of humanitarian interventions on health and wellbeing. On Tuesday, members of Missing Maps will make use of the face time for a follow-up of the Annual Missing Maps Gathering in Dar es Salaam. Finally on Wednesday, the whole team will be organizing the workshop “How to access, analyze and combine OpenStreetMap, HOT Tasking Manager and MapSwipe data”. They will herein provide an overview of the latest HeiGIT/GIScience services. Attendants will have the chance to try the services themselves and learn how to make use of them for their own use cases.

We are very looking forward to great discussions and seeing you soon.